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[Natsu no Oyatsu] Chibo Soukan Ch.4

August 1st, 2018 biribiri 3 comments


Would you?

Courtesy of Cocblockula.

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[Yaya Hinata-ya] Kanara-sama no Nichijou +alpha

November 18th, 2016 biribiri 1 comment


Another part of Kanara’s adventures. This time it has less story, but more costumes~

Courtesy of Zathael.

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[Yuuki Ray] Shota Eater Ch.9

April 8th, 2016 biribiri 2 comments


Another chapter from Shota Eater book. I hope you will enjoy your typical Nurse x oblivious Shota with endless stamina story.

Courtesy of Khalikryst.

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[Saida Kazuaki] Koujo Ryoujoku AHAN Ch.3

March 7th, 2014 biribiri 6 comments


A real angel in white~

We’re finally releasing more Saida’s works. This time story happens in a hospital. Why real nurses and doctors aren’t hot like that?

Note that this is first release after changing domains. Old one should still redirect until it expires. As such, I don’t think we’re going to get a personal domain for a while at least. All possible issues should have been fixed by now. Content warning should fix itself in a bit (I’m guessing it’s caused by caching), you may also try to resolve it by making a comment, that should fix it (it did for me, at least, in incognito session I opened to confirm the issue). I have feeling I’m forgetting about something…

Chapter courtesy of Zathael.

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[Yagawa Maito] Metro Ecstasy Ch.6 [END]

June 3rd, 2013 biribiri 3 comments


Do you still remember her?


And we’re finally done with this project. It’s been a while and I actually thought it will be first project we drop due to lack of interest, but it’s now complete. Thanks should go to anonymous, Grey Fox, wrldtrvlr and Zathael for commissioning it, as well as to Afro Thunda for his corrections. I should mention that he also went back and corrected all the previously released chapters(especially heavy on those were first three, iirc). I went back and (with a little help of my friend) I joined spread pages. I hope they all look okay-ish.

Note: Byakko in 2-3 days (as long as I catch the donor)

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[Yagawa Maito] Metro Ecstasy Ch.5

December 18th, 2012 biribiri 2 comments


My sister is my nurse. Now that’s a theme I could like.


And don’t forget about obligatory sexy doctor in a kinky outfit.

 After a REALLY long break, another chapter from Molesters’ Train. It’s new arc, with quite a dramatic story. Never sign up for testing new drugs without previously being sure it’s not some shady business. I hope you will like it.

I was actually thinking about dropping this one few weeks ago, but wrldtrvlr made his decision before I had the chance. Furthermore, about joined pages – I will probably work on filling the gaps for final version. Hopefully my skills will suffice.

Chapter courtesy of anonymous and wrldtrvlr.

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[LEE] MiniMimi Ch.6

May 26th, 2011 biribiri 14 comments

Momo strikes back, this time as a nurse!!

Get ready for the cuteness overdose (nose blood flooding expected in the area) – we’re bringing you another chapter of LEE’s awesome stories. This chapter is so awesome it needed new tag “pantsu” XD I’d definitely let myself be treated in that Clinic. Well then, without further ado – Enjoy!

Chapter courtesy of Dartboy.

How about donating blood for poor lolicons out there yourself?

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[Urotan] Newmanoid CAM Ch.10-11

March 7th, 2011 biribiri 11 comments

“Perfect”, nuff said.

First release from Newmanoid for you guys. I have to admit that I’ve never come to read the first volume, but I hope I didn’t make any mistakes.

Chapters brought to you by Omega999.

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