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[Natsu no Oyatsu] Chibo Soukan Ch.5-6

October 17th, 2018 biribiri 2 comments


Another two chapters of the book – one about guy getting done by his girlfriend’s mother, another one about a MILF getting dicked in a massage parlor by her son’s friend and another man. I hope you will enjoy.

Courtesy of Cocblockula.

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[Eroquis!] Hammer Head Hooker

January 19th, 2017 biribiri 3 comments


And first of my C91 doujins. SAFE! I hope you will enjoy this short story on new FF with buxom station girl. Honestly, DAT ASS.

Courtesy of CellTF.

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[Tetsu] Puniman Musume Ch.9-10

November 28th, 2016 biribiri 1 comment


And another chapter of Puniman for you. This time a double release, since one chapter is short. And we’re officially down to one final chapter!

Courtesy of DragonLordSerge.

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[Yuuki Ray] Shota Eater Ch.4

June 28th, 2015 biribiri 3 comments


And another chapter from Shota Eater for you. The title of this chapter made me giggle a bit, actually. It’s so fitting, haha. I hope you will enjoy.

As for the rest of the book… I have to round up someone to do QCs, haha.

Courtesy of Khalikryst.

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[Ashimoto Yoika] Hajimete no Saibai

November 1st, 2014 biribiri 4 comments


Best panel of the chapter, by far. I hope you will enjoy this little tentacle story, guys. Remember to take a good care of your plants.

Courtesy of Darthalice.

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[Ohta Takeshi] Succubus Distortion! Ch.5 [Digital]

May 29th, 2014 biribiri 2 comments


There seriously was no image I could use for preview in this chapter. I hope you like some crazy tentacle play from under Ohta’s pen. This concludes the main part of the book, continuation can be found in Angelic Desire.

Courtesy of Khalikryst.

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[Saida Kazuaki] Koujo Ryoujoku AHAN Ch.2

January 7th, 2014 biribiri 3 comments


Yet another story from Saida’s book. It’s pretty… umm… similar to his other stories, but this time the woman was kinda slutty from the start. And turns out she picked her targets wrong.

Chapter courtesy of Zathael.

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[Natsuki Kiyohito] Watashi wa Dare no Mono

December 23rd, 2013 biribiri 6 comments


One of the oneshots from my list. A story about a girl being in sexual relationship with a teacher. The ending is pretty intense. I hope you will enjoy it. Note that the English title is engrish – we didn’t change what artist came up with~ We have one more chapter from this artist that will be out soon, so look forward to it.

Also, have you been naughty or nice?

Chapter courtesy of Zebon20.

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[Jingai-Makyou] Idol Legend – Wanted to Fuck Her Up

October 3rd, 2013 biribiri 2 comments


I have to admit, that was my first meeting with that character from [email protected] I think’s she’s from Cinderella series and she’s a tsundere thug girl… this time getting the short end of the stick.

It’s another commission from dj-moe released today.

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[EROQUIS] Sexual Alien – The Goddess from the Toilet is an Alien

March 3rd, 2012 biribiri 2 comments


A surprise release tonight – surprising even for me. A random hawt doujin we did for Raikoh in last millennium was moved from members-only to free section today. I hope you’ll like it.

BS / DF / HF / dj-moe